We invented the car and the truck and are passionate about their future !
– Dr. Dieter Zetsche, Chairman Daimler AG.



Green Initiatives in Operations (Manufacturing) & MB India Premises

  • These words epitomise a duality highly characteristic of Diamler: tradition and innovation. Two concepts are closely interlinked, since it is above all from the inventor of the automobile that groudbreaking solutions for its future are to be expected.
  • “Innovation for Sustainability” – this claim extends to all our business activities and actions.
  • We are determined to continue our tradition as automotive pioneers, and with our premium brand Mercedes-Benz we are striving for a leading role in environmental technology and energy efficiency as well.
  • “Clean, efficient and safe” – this is our vision for tomorrow’s mobility.

Daimler pursues an integrated approach to environmental protection. We examine the causes of possible environmental effects.

We minimize negative effects from our activities with the help of effective environmental management systems and state-of-the-art technologies. We promote climate protection, conserve valuable resources and contribute to the preservation of a livable environment – at our locations and beyond.

We have formulated our extensive environmental protection standards in the Enviromental and energy guidelines of the Daimler Group. Detailed specifications for the group-wide environmental management system are defined in the Environmental Management Manual. In addition, there are in-house standards for the handling of hazardous materials, waste management, and soil and groundwater contamination.

To eliminate or curb environmental risks in advance, we regularly audit our locations in accordance with globally uniform standards. Suppliers must meet our sustainability requirements, and we expect them to have a certified environmental management system in accordance with ISO14001, EMAS or other comparable standards. In addition, our Mercedes-Benz specifications define requirements for the environmental compatibility of our component deliveries. Specifications concerning materials selection, banned substances and recycling requirements, as well as compliance with environmental legislation, are contained in the Mercedes-Benz contract conditions.